YOU NEED: soft cotton or mixed fabric, linen of 150 cm width; elastic braid for waistband.


1 Front part 2 pieces

2 Back part 2 pieces

3 Waistband 1 piece

4 Front pocket 2 pieces

5 Front pocket flap 4 pieces

Fusing: waistband; pocket inner flaps.


1. Apply the fusing to wrong side of waistband details and inner flaps.

2. Sew front and back parts along side edges. Press seam allowances apart.

3. Press pocket allowances under, sew the pocket on the shorts parts along marking. Overstitch the flap along side and lower edges. Turn it right side out, then press and topstitch along edges. Sew the flap on short parts. Turn the flap wrong side on short right side. Press the flap, then topstitch on 0.7 cm from the edge.

4. Sew leg inside seams. Press seam allowances apart. Insert one part into another, right sides together. Make double stitch along front middle seam and back middle seam. Press middle seam allowances to roundings.

5. Sew waistband ends right sides together. Sew waistband lengthwise edge and shorts upper edge, right sides together. Press the waistband upward, turn half of its width into wrong side, tack it on joining seam. Topstitch it along the joining seam (at right side) to marks of waistband middle part. Topstitch the center of waistband to marking of waistband front middle part. Cut the elastic waistband into 2 equal parts and pull it into coulisses.

Pin elastic braid ends to marks in waistband front part. Topstitch waistband front part round, along the edge on 0.75 cm width, catching elastic braids ends.

6. Press hem allowances into wrong side and tack them. Topstitch them on 3 cm and 3.5 cm distance on right side.